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Our mission is to design and build skatable, ridable, climbable public realm that encourages activity, reduces crime and anti-social behaviour and welcomes all users regardless of age, gender and ability.

We have built over 650 traditional skateparks since the 1980’s. Whilst these serve the traditional and existing users well enough and continue to be the right solution for some spaces, they are not the only option. 

We have always been staffed and run by skaters and riders, our team today are also trained architects, urban designers, engineers and place makers. We no longer just employ skaters but ensure our team also includes BMX and MTB riders, free runners and climbers.

This additional training and breadth allows us to design things which were previously impossible for a skate firm. We don’t design facilities or spaces, we don’t talk about “skateparks”. Our mission is to create active community places.

Freestyle exists to serve all of those people who, for whatever reason, have rejected competitive sports, not just the existing users. Whether it involves skateboards, bikes, scooters, or just the pair of shoes required for parkour or bouldering, we believe that public spaces should be active and that the pleasure of the activity itself is the reward.