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Parkour Places

Whether you call it free running, parkour or art du placement and whether you come from a gymnastics, obstacle course, martial art or yoga background Parkour is surely the most exciting discipline to evolve in the last decades. We do not create standard or generic equipment but instead design environments with the local practitioners. We may use concrete or stone, but also fallen trees, boulders, benches or even just earth.

Blockwork/Non Linear parks

Closer to what is used in a real urban environment than pre-cast ‘features’, we have the flexibility to build whatever we want, not what the factory can produce

Natural Parkour and Play

More like adventure ‘play’ than more solid structures, we can incorporate the movements of Parkour into more natural settings

Mixed use

We can design and build areas that can be used by more than one discipline, be it Skate, Parkour, trials bikes or just seating