Scooter Places

We recognise scooters not just as a stepping stone to bikes or boards, but as a discipline in its own right and so assuming they will use a generic skatepark is not enough. Jump boxes will always be a mainstay, but there is so much more.

Bowls and
snake runs

For some people this is still the only style that matters. We recently finished the first snake run to be built in 25yrs!

Traditional Combination Skateparks

We have built literally hundreds, from small villages through to big city parks like Brighton and Plymouth, Preston and Belfast.


From concrete street style skateparks through to full multi use granite public plazas. We are the only firm in the UK to specialise in plazas.

Traditional Skateparks

If designed properly small mixed use concrete parks act as a gateway for scooter riders just starting out

Watford Jump Box

Distinct ‘jump box’ areas designed either as part of a bigger development or stand alone

Micro Pump Track

Smaller facilities great for younger small wheel riders such as scooters